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The Infrastructure & Climate Network (ICNet) is a network of over 50 academics, students, and practitioners who are dedicated to accelerating climate science and engineering research in the Northeastern United States. ICNet focuses on climate change and sea level rise impacts and adaptation for sustainable bridges, roads, and transportation networks.  ICNet was established in October 2012 with support from the National Science Foundation.

ICNet Fall Webinars

ICNet's Webinar Series continues this Fall with presentations on Infrastructure and Climate Change.
Climate Change Adaptation and Scenarios, and Global Climate Model Dynamical and Statistical Downscaling are covered in this series of webinars.

Tuesday, October 28, 2-3pm ET
Climate Adaptation and Scenarios: Planning for the Built Environment
Paul Kirshen, University of New Hampshire
An adaptation strategy is a set of local and regional proactive actions implemented by public and private organizations to manage systems, over time and space, which are vulnerable to present and future climate conditions. The major attributes of the planning process include: (1) a vulnerability assessment, (2) selection of actions that are robust and/or flexible and adjustable with implementation tied to critical thresholds of actual climate changes, (3) climate change scenario analysis including climate surprises to handle the uncertainty of the future climate, (4) integration with the protection of the natural and social environments, (5) evaluation with multiple criteria, and (6) integration of local stakeholders into the planning process. Multiple methods can be used to generate and evaluate adaptation strategies. Several case studies are presented.

Tuesday November 11, 2-3 pm ET
Dynamical Downscaling of Global Climate Model Output
Linda Mearns, National Center for Atmospheric Science

Wednesday December 10, 2-3 pm ET
Statistical Downscaling of Global Climate Model Output
Katharine Hayhoe, Texas Tech University

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